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If you want to affiliate with this fansite or add your fansite to my
Fansite Directory, then please 
E-Mail me with your fansite's link and link button as well as the keywords you wish for me to put in your site's description.

If you have just started your fansite, don't be afraid to request to be an affiliate. I started not that long ago, and I know what its like when you feel like nobody knows about or visits your site. As long as you have a reasonable amount of things on your site, their should be no problem affiliating. :)

There are some rules to adding your fansite link here whether you're wanting to be an affiliate or just have your fansite listed, the rules still apply.

  • No Adult Content!: Sim-Wolf is suitable for all ages so no sites containing adult content will be accepted.
  • No Bad Language, or Offensive Words: Swearing is a big no-no in my books as well as other bad, rude, or offensive language. Sites such as forums who do not do their best to remove these words will not be accepted.
  • No "Text" Language: Websites which use "text" language a lot will not be accepted as people find it difficult to read, even if they use those words/abbreviations themselves it is still very hard. I myself cannot stand that kind of writing at all, so that is another reason. (This sort of thing in forum posts is OK).
  • Your Site Must be Mostly about The Sims: If your fansite is about The Sims as well as many other games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Racoon, Burnout Legends, etc. Then it is not so much of a Sims fansite, but rather a fansite about the games you like. Your fansite should be mostly dedicated to The Sims.
  • Link Back to Sim-Wolf: You must add a link to Sim-Wolf in a proper affiliates section. If you just add the link back to this site amongst all the other fansites, or do not entitle the section containing your affiliates with something other than anything like "Affiliates", then there is no point in the affiliation. If you are just wanting to add your link, then I would appreciate that you put a link to Sim-Wolf in your fansite directory if you have one. If you don't have on, no link will be needed.


  • Will Wright and Maxis, for creating the Sims world.

  • All my affiliates for being such good friends. :)

  • Most of the games are from The Sims 2 Official website, so please do not think I made them. (I did make one game though)

  • YouTube for hosting my videos.

  • Photobucket for hosting my images.

  • Forumotion for hosting my forum.

  • MediaFire for hosting the Sim-Wolf Radio music files.

  • JAlbum for hosting my Bloopers album.

  • Bravenet for giving me the tools to make my poll.

  • And last but not least Freewebs for hosting this website.