Every Sims game has cheat codes. What game doesn't? These cheat codes will help you with your gameplay, make you're Sims' lives easier or worse, help you create better houses, change visual elements of the game for movie making, or even do nothing at all. To activate most of these cheats you will need to bring up the cheat box by holding Ctrl + Shift + C and typing in the cheat. Beware, some of the cheats are not reversible and may cause damage to your game. If used carefully, then you should be alright. Also be sure to check out the Sneaky Hints section for information on how to take advatage of glitches and other features in the game or just make your life easier with some innocent gameplay tips.

The Sims 3 Cheats

These cheats are for The Sims 3. To use them, enter them into the cheat box by holding down Ctrl + Shift + C, and type the cheat in and press enter. There are some 'cheats' which can be used by entering the cheat "testingCheatsEnabled true" into the cheat box, and pressing enter, and then holding down shift and left clicking on the object will bring up some special cheat options in the pie menu. These options are marked with a * after their title. Do not type them into the cheat box as they will do nothing.

The Sims 3

General Cheats

Adds 1,000 Simoleans to household funds.

Adds 50,000 Simoleans to household funds.

When moving in a family, all houses will be free.

Gives 2,500 Lifetime Happiness Points to the active Sim.

Lists most cheats/commands in the cheat box.

testingCheatsEnabled [true/false]
When set to true, it enables debug mode and you can click on Sims' motives bars and rag them up or down. Holding down Shift and Left clicking on the mailbox, Sims, or Career buildings will show special options in the pie menu. Look below at the Sims, Career Buildings and Mailbox sections for those options.

Replace the firstname tag with the Sim's first name and the lastname tag with the Sim's last name tag and it will reset the named Sim with neutral motives, moodlets and teleports them back home.

Exits the game.

enableLlamas [on/off]
Does nothing but does give a message saying "Llamas enabled."

Shows a random silly joke to the cheatbox.

fullscreen [on/off]
On makes the game fullscreen and off changes the game to windowed mode.

fps [on/off]
When set to on, it displays the framerate indicator in the top-right corner of the screen.

Build & Buy Cheats

moveObjects [on/off]
When in buy mode you can pick up Sims and other unpickable objects such as objects in use and move them elsewhere or even inside other objects.

contrainFloorElevation [true/false]
Allows adjustment of terrain regardless of whether objects, Sims, walls, floors, or whatever are on the tiles.

disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off]
When set to on, objects will not snap to slots while holding Alt. (Slots are slots on tables, counters, etc.).

snapObjectsToGrid [true/false]
When set to false, objects will not snap to the grid. Holding Alt will make the objects snap to the grid, or you could just set the cheat to true again.

snapObjectsToAngle [true/false]
When set to false, objects will not snap to 45 degree angles when rotating them. Holding Alt will snap them to 45 degree angles again, or you could just set the cheat to true.

Visuals, Storytelling and Movie Making

hideHeadlinessEffects [on/off]
Hides the plumb bob, all skill meters, progress meters, etc.

fadeObjects [on/off]
Toggles whether objects fade or not when the camera gets close to them.

slowMotionViz [LEVEL]
The game plays in slow motion. Replace level with any number between and including 0 to 8 where 0 is the fastest and 8 is the slowest.


Modify Traits*
Only works on active Sim. Brings up a trait-modification window where you can change the traits for your Sim.

Add to Active Household*
When used on a Sim from another household, it will add the Sim to the active household.

Force Aging*
Forces the Sim to age.

Career Buildings

Force Oppertunity*
When you Shift + Left click on the career building your Sim works at, this option will force an oppertunity to arrise for your Sim.

Force Event*
Shift + Left Click on a career building to give you a random career event.

Force All Events*
Shift + Left Click on a career building to display all events for the career consectively.


Force Service Sim...*
Force a specific service Sim to show up.

Force Visitor*
Force a neighbour to show up.

Make Me Know Everyone*
Make the selected Sim know every other Sim that exists in the town as acquaintances.

Make Friends For Me*
Gives the active Sim a few random friends.

Set Career...*
Choose any career and level for the active Sim.

Make Happy*
Sets the mood/moodlets of everyone in the house to perfect and removes negative moodlets.

Makee Motives Static/Dynamic*
Makes motives full or empty for the entire household.

The Sims 2 Cheats

All of these cheats are for The Sims 2 on PC. You will most likely need to type them into the cheat box which you can get by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C at the same time, and then pressing the Enter or Return key to activate the cheat. If you type in an incorrect cheat and the cheat box expands, to get rid of it either press "Esc" or type in "Expand" and then enter another cheat or simply press Enter again. More cheats come with the Expansion Packs. You will need that Expansion Pack or an Expansion Pack released after it to be able to use the cheat. The games here are listed from the earliest release (The Sims 2) to the latest release (Apartment Life).

The Sims 2

Adds 1,000 Simoleans to household funds.

Adds 50,000 Simoleans to household funds.

MoveObjects [on/off]
Can move unmoveable objects (such as Sims) and can insert them into other objects as well.

Aging [on/off]

Turns aging on or off.

intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims #

Choose the number of guests that will be allowed to come to a party. (Enter in Neighbourhood View)
(Replace # with the amount of guests that will be allowed to come to a party)

boolProp snapObjectsToGrid [true/false]

If you enter ‘false’, you don’t have to place objects in the grid.

floatProp tvVolume [0.0-1.0]

Changes the volume of the TV. (0.5 is the default volume.)

boolprop locktiles [true/false]

If you enter ‘false’, you can place floors on tiles you wouldn’t normally be able to. (e.g. Roads and Pavements)

boolProp testingCheatsEnabled [true/false]

If you enter ‘true’, if you hold down SHIFT and click on an object, more options will be available. If you are in Create-A-Sim, if you hold down SHIFT+N, hidden clothes and hair will show up, such as NPC outfits and Work outfits. If you enter this in Neighbourhood View, when you enter a lot you can raise Skill Points, Relationships, Personalities and Interests. (This cheat can be dangerous and caution should be used whilst having it on).


Lists some, but not all cheats.


Expands or contracts the cheat window. (This makes the cheat box go back to its original size.)


Exits the cheat window.


Deletes every Sim in the neighbourhood. You can only enter this in Neighbourhood View. (Don’t use this unless you have a very good reason. You won’t be able to undo this action)


changeLotZoning [residential/community/greek/dorm/secretsociety]
Changes the zoning type of the lot. Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like to rezone, and then enter the cheat, choosing one of these zoning options.

boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false]
Enables build/buy mode tools that would normally be disabled when in a dorm lot. Also enables tools in hotels and buy mode on Community Lots.

boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation [true/false]
Allows user to rotate any object in 45 degree increments instead of the 90 degree increments used for most objects. You can only rotate objects in 45 degree increments with < and >.

setHighestAllowedLevel #
Replacing # with a number, you can have more than 5 floors on a lot.


familyfunds [FAMILYNAME] #
Used in neighbourhood view with a household selected either on their lot or in the Family Bin. Insert the family name to be changed. The “#” equals the amount of money the family will have after the cheat is applied. If you want the Tester family with §5,000 to have §10,000, then click on their household or their icon in the Family Bin and input “familyfunds Tester 10000”. If you instead want to add or subtract from family funds, type “familyfunds Tester +5000”. Either way, the Tester family will end up with §10,000.

roofslopeangle [15-75]
In Build mode, adjusts the slope angle on all roofs on a lot. (Choose a number between 15 and 75)

showHeadlines [on/off]
Makes invisible all thought balloons, relationship change indicators (+’s and –‘s), and any other overhead headlines. Useful for movie making.

For the currently selected Sim, all career reward objects are available in the Reward panel.

Sets all needs for all playable Sims on the lot to full.

motiveDecay [on/off]
Turns natural need decay on or off.

aspirationPoints #
For the currently selected Sim, adds the specified number of Aspiration points to their total. This permits them to get more “expensive” Aspirations reward objects.

lockAspiration [on/off]

Freezes Aspiration point decay for all Sims on the lot.

aspirationLevel [0-5]

Changes Sims’ Aspiration level. 0 puts them in the lowest rung and 5 in the Platinum Aspiration level.

AgeSimsCheat [on/off]

Adds “Set Age” to the Interaction menu. Any Sim you click on can be set to any age group you desire.

setLotLightingFile [filename]

Change lighting by choosing an alternative lighting file. The original can be found in C:\Program Files\ EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Nightlife\TSData\Res\Lights. Place your new lighting file in this folder and use the cheat to specify the file name for the open lot. To restore the lot back to original lighting settings, input “setLotLightingFile clear”.

Open for Business

AddNeighborToFamilycheat  [on/off]

With this cheat activated, you can Shift + left click on an NPC to add one to the current household. This won’t work on service NPCs engaged in their jobs (i.e., Maid cleaning, Gardener gardening, ect.) but will work if that same Sim is visiting socially or hanging out after finishing tasks. You can even add Sims in excess of customary eight-Sim family limit. Won’t work on special NPCs like the Grim Reaper or Mrs. Crumplebottom.


With a pregnant Sim selected, using this cheat transforms the pregnancy into a twin birth.

PlumbBobToggle [on/off]

Makes the overhead plumb bob invisible.

Wall Placement Restrictions Removed (Don't enter into cheat box)

With this cheat any number of items can be placed on a wall segment, even if they do overlap. Select the object you want to place and hold Alt + Ctrl while selecting where to put it. Note that no cheat code is required for this cheat.


boolProp controlPets [on/off]

Makes Pets fully controllable. You can’t, however, cancel actions from their queue.

boolProp disablePuppyKittenAging [true/false]

Turns off aging for kittens and puppies.

boolProp petActionCancel [true/false]

Normally, you can’t cancel actions in a pet’s interaction queue; they’re grayed out. This cheat makes these actions accessible so you can cancel anything your pet has chosen to do. This does not, however, make your pets controllable.

boolProp petsFreeWill [true/false]

Turns off pet free will.

boolProp showCatalogePFlags [true/false]

Activates labels in detail view of each Buy mode and Build mode object (except floor or wall coverings) to show from which product they came.


Deletes all awnings on a lot.


Deletes all fences on a lot.


Deletes all half walls on a lot.

deleteAllObjects [Doors/Windows/Stairs]

Deletes all doors, windows or stairs on a lot.


Deletes all walls on a lot.

individualRoofSlopeAngle [15-75]

Activates a tool to change roof slopes of individual roofs on a lot.


bugJarTimeDecay  [on/off]

Should you catch any fireflies in a jar, enabling this cheat will make them live forever! (makes for alluring lighting!)

Bon Voyage

changelotzoning [residential/community/hotel]
This changes the zoning type of the lot. Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like to rezone, and then enter the cheat, choosing one of these zoning options.

Free Time

modifyNeighborhoodTerrain [on/off]

You can raise, lower, smooth, or level the neighbourhood terrain. Click on the spot where you want to modify and drag until the green area covers all the land you want to modify. Now press or hold down one of the following keys to actually modify the terrain.
Raise: [
Lower: ]
Level: \
Smooth: P

Apartment Life

changelotzoning [residential/community/apartmentbase]

This changes the zoning type of the lot. Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like to rezone, and then enter the cheat, choosing one of these zoning options. (Rezoning a Beach Lot to an Apartment Lot can severely corrupt both the ocean and the lot, and is strongly not recommended).

This prints the lot's class (low, middle, or high) as well as the corresponding numerical lot class value.

changeLotClassification [low/middle/high]

This changes the lot classification of the lot. The lot will remain this classification until the following cheat is used.


This clears any "changeLotClassification" cheat used on the lot and sets the lot class to the correct calculated value.

boolProp aptSubLotSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false]

Enables the disabled Build Mode tools whilst playing in an Apartment. Also allows you to edit and place things outside your Apartment.

Sneaky Hints

Sneaky Hints are a new type of cheats that I have come up with. They assume you have every Expansion Pack, but you will probably be able to work out if it is possible to do in your game. Some of the hints require cheat-codes, but a lot of them don't. If you have a "Sneaky Hint" you would like to share, then please E-Mail me or post it in the Sim-Wolf Forum!

The Sims 3 Hints

Choose the gender of your Sim's baby.
Got a storyline in mind for one of your Sim's families? Do you need your Sims to have a baby of a specific gender? If so, this hint is for you, and it's really simple. After your Sim has become pregnant, if you would like a boy, have your pregnant Sim eat 3 apples. If you would like a girl, have your pregnant Sim eat 3 watermelons. If you do not have the second patch installed, eating meals with apples or watermelons in the recipe will also count towards the 3 apples or watermelons. This was fixed in the patch, so that only eating the seperate fruit on their own would count towards the 3 total. Note: Eating 3 apples or watermelons may not guarantee the gender of the baby, but it certainly makes it much more likely. Also, this hint affects twins and triplets too, so you may end up with two or three babies of the same gender at once.

The Sims 2 Hints

How to Become a Multi-Multi Millionaire (Open for Business)

No cheats, hacks, mods, or downloads required. All that is required is a quick Sim and a sneaky mind.

Your Sims are down to their last couple of thousand §§§, and they're too lazy to work, or have better things to do with their time. They just want to be rich and live the life of a star. Well... Now they can. First of all they need to use that 2k up. Buy an Ug-No-More Salon Chair from the Chairs>Miscellaneous catalogue. Open a home business. Set the Make Over price to §1. Instruct a Sim to be the stylist, and wait for your first unsuspecting customer. Now when your customer has a full buy-bar and is about to get his/her make over, get your other Sim to "Set Price". If he or she is quick enough, the Set Price window will appear. Choose to select custom price. Erase the §57 or whatever is there, and replace it with §999,999, and confirm. Now when the customer has their new 1 million Simolean makeover, you'll be §999,999 better off, and as a bonus, you'll have extra customer loyalty. (If its a good make over that is). Will your Sim decide to carry on their sly scam, or will they decide they are rich enough and are ready for an early retirement? (Even if their only a teen). If you decide to go further, reset the price to §1, and repeat this process.

Food Doesn't Spoil (Open for Business)

This is for players who do not own the Seasons Expansion Pack or above, but do have the Open for Business Expansion Pack.
All you need to do is buy a "Decra-Chill Display by Refrigifreeze" (Bakery Display) Then put the leftover food in the display and the food won't spoil! When you decide to eat the leftovers, you will need to go into buy mode and place it somewhere on the ground or on a surface.

Deleting Homework (Pets or above)

To delete your Teen or Child Sim's homework, you don't actually have to cheat at all. If you have the Sledgehammer tool which is available with Pets and above, all you need to do is simply use the sledgehammer tool and click on the homework. Its that simple, and the homework disappears. The homework is deleted and your grades should also go up since the grades go down only if there are more than two homeworks on the lot. This hint does not require the MoveObjects cheat to work.

Obtaining the Wishing Well, Genie Lamp, Voodoo Doll, or a Servo the cheating way. (Seasons / FreeTime / Bon Voyage/ Open For Business)

Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. Then hold down the Shift button, and click on a Sim. Look for "Spawn" on the Pie Menu. Then look for "Wishing Well", "Genie Lamp", "New Servo", or "Voodoo Doll" on that Pie Menu. The object should appear near your Sim.

Making Juices with the Juicer (Seasons)

Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. Then hold down the Shift button, then click on the Juicer. Click on Stock on the Pie Menu and you can now make all the juices.

Growing Up on Community Lots (Nightlife or above)

Type in AgeSimsCheat on, then click on your desired Sim, and click on "Set Age" and click on the age group you want your Sim to age to. You may need a later Expansion Pack to get the memory though. Also, if it is a child aging to a teen, they won't get to choose thier aspiration. You will have to do it another way.

Reading Books and Gaining Cooking, Mechanical and Cleaning Skills for Free

Buy a cheap bookcase, get a Sim to take out as much books as needed at the same time and then delete the bookcase. You could try stacking the books in your inventory. There is no point in this if there is another bookcase on the lot as the books will eventually be put away and you can get books out there anyway.

How to enable Buy and Build Mode on Community Lots (University or above)

If you have any Expansion Pack at all, you can use Buy and Build Mode on the community lots with a couple of simple tricks. First of all, enter the cheat "boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled false", this will now enable Buy Mode, which you can use to sell objects from a community lot, re-arrange the furniture, and much more. Now, to be able to use Build Mode, click the eyedropper tool, and click on an object or whatever else there is from Build Mode. This will not let you click on the Build Mode button on the main control panel, but you can still use it as the eyedropper tool takes you to the object's location in the Build catalogue. You can use the other features in Build Mode by clicking the Back button to the left of the catalogue.