Announcement: 1st June 2010

Posted by Sim-Wolf on May 31, 2010 at 8:53 PM

Long time, no see, huh? After my last announcement, in which I stated I was ceasing updates to the site for the near future, you may have noticed I did in fact update once the news once or twice in April. However, like I said... I've been extremely busy what with my exams and all (which have just finished), but more so with all the emotional stress I've been under with everything which has happened in my life recently, something which I'll never fully get over.

However, I've decided I don't want to see my site crumble like many others, even if it still is a pretty small based site. I have been feeling like I am not allowed to update my site, which is silly, because if I want to update it, then I should, regardless of what announcements I've made. However, it's obviously coming up for the Summer holidays (during which I'll have loads of spare time to update the site), but after which I'll be even more busy with school work during my last two years of high school (before heading to University (eek!) - likely studying Games Design. So yeah, it's fair to say I will never truly have as much spare time to update the site as I have had in the last three years where level school work is nothing compared to higher years, gah.

Yes, I know I've missed the whole lead up to the release of Ambitions, but on a positive note, with some adjustments to the settings (and figuring out a way to install all The Sims 3 Store content - *winks*), I've found my enthusiasm for The Sims 3 quickly build as I've nearly got my neighbourhood up to scratch with all my own Sims which I'm going to enable story progression for soon. Ahh, the excitment.

I've updated the Ambitions page with new screenshots and videos which were released during my absence from the site, as well as the Coming Soon page to show the release dates for Ambitions and console versions of The Sims 3. It would be pointless making a huge news post with abousolutely everything I've missed, as I'm guessing you've all followed other fansites for news just now, so I'm sure you know more than me about the game.

So my plan of action? To start off, and make things easy for myself (especially during busy times) I will try to make sure I update the site at least once a week, obviously with more updates during holidays. I still need to give Sim-Wolf Downloads a huge update, because it's still not completed development since The Sims 3's release, so I'll upload the rest of the clothes recolours I made months back, as well as some pretty decent houses, if I say so myself, which I've made.

I was also thinking about the possibility of changing the name of the site, and reorganising the content? What do you think? To be honest, anyone who comes over the name "Sim-Wolf" I'm guessing will not find it that attractive. It doesn't have any meaning really. I have come up with a few ideas for new site names, but I'm not sure if it's the way to go yet. Only time will tell...

Alright, bye for now. =]

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